You're The Victor/And Your Kind Decca AT10189 1966

The Life I Live/Cry In The Night Decca AT10210 1966  

The Life I Live-Ann Philips 6817052 1966

I Despise You/Ann Decca AT101248 1966

From Above/ I Was Young Decca AT10248 1967

Kjoe Bloes (4 track EP) Decca BU70025 1967

World Of Birds/It Came To Me Decca AT10263 1967

World Of Birds/Ain't That Lovin' You Babe Decca AT10263 1967

So High I've Been So Down I Must Fall/ Where Is The Key Decca AT10286 1968

Ann/Sour Wine Decca AT10336 1968

Sundance/World Of Birds Decca AT10383 1968

Don't Let Me Fall/Crumblin' Negram NG172 1970  

Don't Let Me Fall/Crumblin' Hansa 14588 AT (duitse persing)

Sexy Legs/There Was A Day Negram NG196 1970  

Sexy Legs/There Was A Day Cardinal 3121

Sexy Legs/We Are Happy Hansa 14804 AT (duitse persing)

Love Is Such A Good Thing/Night Negram NG220 1971

I Just Can't Wait/We're Gonna Make It Negram NG230 1971

Fighting Is Easy/Country Girl Polydor 2050181 1971

Hoonana/Troubles (Kjoe) Polydor 2050181 1972

Lady Of Love/Fighting Is Easy (Wim Bieler & Dambuster) Polydor2050338 1974

Mean Woman/Think It Over (unreleased) CNR 1980

Let's Roll/Are You Home Jaws 5517 1988

Sexy Legs (4 tracks) I Go Ape 1989  


Revolution Decca QL625363 1966

Revival Decca XBY846515 1969

Afghanistan Negram NELP075 1970

We're Gonna Make It Negram ELS914 1971

Greatest Hits Decca 6454409 1972

Haagse Beatnach live Q65 e.a. (ook op cd) CNR 772005/06 1980

Live! on tour1980 (unreleased) CNR 1980

Revolution & more (cd) Decca CD 834483-2 1988

Afghanistan Negram Years (cd) Pseudonym CDP 1002 DD 1992

The Complete Collection 1966-1969 (cd) Mercury 514980-2 1993

Revival (cd) Pseudonym CDP 1048 DD 1997

Trinity (cd) Mohican MH001/Munich 1997

The Life I Live (cd) Rotation 558 511-2 1998

Alle 13 Haags ( Willem Bieler) Pink Records PRCD200120 2001

Revolution Pseudonym VP99.007 vinylversie 2001

Revival Pseudonym VP99.009 vinylversie 2001  

Revolution (cd) Rotation 018 440-12 2002 met 4 bonustracks 

Singles A's & B's (cd) Hunter Music HM 13952 2002 

Greatest Hits Decca 6454409 vinylversie 2003  

Revolution Pop Legends 6440675  vinylversie 2004

I'm Glad (cd) EMI 7243 864342 2 7 augustus 2004

50 jaar Nederpop (cd) Universal Music 178 614-1 2008

Nothing But Trouble (cd)

Revolution (cd) Mercury 275135-9 2010 orginele uitvoering

Circus Pseudoniem VP99015 2011

Afghanistan Pseudoniem 2011

We're Gonna Make It Pseudoniem VP99022 2011

Rainman Frank Nuyens Pseudoniem VP99019 2012

The Life I Live The DECCA 45s PseudoniemVP99.027 2012




Geluidsfragmenten in Real Player

play   Feel Her Still                                         play World of Birds                     

play  Ann                                                          play I Despise You

play  Get Of My Life Woman                         play  Where Is The Key

play  I Got Nightmares (cd Trinity)                play  No Place To Go

play  It Came To Me                                       play  There Was A Day 

play  Let's Roll  (1988)                                    play  Hoonana (Kjoe)

play  You're The Victor  (live 1985)                play  Lady Of Love (Willem Bieler & Dambuster)

play  Are You Home  (1988)                            play  Sexy Legs (EP Sexy Legs)

play  I'm Glad (EP Sexy Legs)                        play  Happyness 

play  Spoonful                                                   play  The Life I Live  (cd Trinity)

play  Sour Wine (cd Trinity)                            play  Crumblin